Glove & Sunglasses Pack
$ 80.99

Glove & Sunglasses Pack

We are offering you die hard Rusty Butcher fans a chance to save a few bucks and order both the sunglasses & gloves at the same time! Retail is normally 89.98 on both of these items combined so you save $9 bucks ordering them together!



    So we dropped this months ago and unexpectedly they sold out completely in 8 hours... its taking us some time to get them back in but hopefully you snag a pair this time!
  • Slip on Neoprene Cuff
  • Touch Screen Finger Tips
  • Knuckle Protection
  • Cuss words +69 horsepower
  • Made by Thrashin Supply



Heatwave blew us out of the water when they asked us to design our own signature sunglasses, so we made sure to match it up to our signature helmet and BOOM! Uncompromising and bold, the superior design of the Vise is evident with its hard lines, squared up shape and relaxed fit.

  • Includes Microfiber bag
  • Black Lens & Yellow Riding Lens
  • Black front frame
  • Rusty Butcher Designed Arms